Study of Wendell & Smith

Wendell & Smith were pioneers of Philadelphia area suburban development in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They employed young architects such as William L. Price and Horace Trumbauer (later to become famed designers themselves) to design suburban homes for developments such as Wayne, St. Davids, Overbrook, and Pelham. Separately, Herman Wendell and Walter Bassett Smith developed Wynnewood Manor, parts of Ardmore, Essex Fells, New Jersey, and Bradley Hills, Maryland. The majority of homes built by the firm and its successors are still in residential use today. PD&HS's long-term study of Wendell & Smith's work and influence has included the discovery of items never before documented, an extended research internship at the Athenæum of Philadelphia, and a great deal of documentation of resources as they currently exist.


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